Complete and pending stories by The Brothers Seim…

Short stories. These will be officially released  and available soon. Links will be added at that time. These stories are finished unless otherwise noted.

  • Malefactor: A short story about a street  thief in Israel at the time of Christ.
  • Heartbeat: A short story about Eva, a baby in the womb.
  • The Death of Clem: A Short story recording how Clem died and what he experiences after.
  • Sixth Floor, 2AM: A story about an elderly couple trapped in an apartment fire.
  • In Answer To Man: A letter to mankind from an immortal being.
  • Ever Game: A short story about the ongoing  game of good and evil (in progress).
  • Hunter Killer: A young sniper is forces to make a choice (in progress).

Grex: A novel

In progress.

In a post medieval age, two aristocrats, a scholar, two tailors and a slave meet on the road and discover the impending destruction a nation. They must defeat an assassin, kidnap a farmer and unleash a brilliant energy to hold back a destruction a immense political conspiracy.

What if there were a land where instant travel was possible using passages of an age gone by. What if the drunk at a bar turned out to be your assassin. What if while avoiding his blade, you and your companions discovered a plot to kill a king and overthrow a nation and the only way to stop was to master the greatest power mankind has ever wielded. A power that will change the face of your world forever.

Grex is the first novel written by myself (Gavin) and my brother Nathan. It is expected to be finished sometime in 2011.

Sceptre: An epic by Gavin & Nathan Seim.

The Sceptre series is a fantasy tale set after Grex. The story was started in 2006. The first book is under way. No release date is available, but it will be released at some point after Grex. Stay tuned for more details.