Complete and pending stories by The Brothers Seim…

Short stories: These are our current short stories. Active links lead to complete finished stories on our journal. More coming soon.

  • Death of Clem: A Short story recording how Clem died and what he experiences after.
  • Freedoms Eve: A story about a captain of slave run space cruiser.
  • Malefactor: A short story about a street  thief in Israel at the time of Christ.
  • Heartbeat: A short story about Eva, a baby in the womb.
  • Sixth Floor, 2AM: A story about an elderly couple trapped in an apartment fire.
  • In Answer To Man: A letter to mankind from an immortal being.
  • Ever Game: A short story about the ongoing  game of good and evil (in progress).
  • Hunter Killer: A young sniper is forces to make a choice (in progress).


Grex: A novel

In progress, 4th year – We are currently seeking a literary agent for Grex.

Forgiveness is not his style. But a slave who lives for revenge finds that blood cannot sate him. A fearful prince, a fearless warrior and a rebellious sage may be his only hope for peace.

“If I or my father desired your brand of peace we would send for your advice. When did you last receive post from either of us Good Lord? Perhaps I could show you Orlund’s brand of peace.”

There is a power unknown to men that can turn the mind into a furnace and forge the nations to rubble. Malech holds death in one hand and destruction in the other. He must decide between the two.

“The Blakk can destroy kingdoms. Not of force but of will. It is a singular evil with no other purpose. I know this because I have used it’s power.”

The prince and his allies struggle against a rebellion that means to destroy their land. He cuts to the quick with single word but must overcome his fear of the battle. The young warrior is also cunning, but a power beyond the sword will be needed to stop a flow of blood generations in the making. The young florist will be wise beyond his years, but only if he can control his lust for fame.

Can they unite to stop the Rending and the ending of an age.