On Learning to Write Better.

by Gavin Seim:

There’s something I’ve learned from being a photographer that applies perfectly to writing and that’s learning. I’m twenty five years old and I’ve been serious about photography for about 13 of those years. Looking back on that experience, there’s one thing I can unequivocally say makes a difference. Absorbing as much relevant information as you can hold. It takes years to be a master at something, but at the early stages one can almost double their knowledge in a weekend. Podcasts, blogs, day workshops, written books, audio books whatever form tickles your knowledge bone, use it.

This may seem like basic stuff, but it occurred to me that we often assume we need expensive training to become experienced. Now if a writing school is the way you learn best, that’s great. Just don’t overlook things that are right in front of you and can boost your skills like a steam rocket in a lava flow.

Other writers have probably been through the save things you’re dealing with and they probably shared it somewhere. If you crave the knowledge it’s out there. For me the iPad is huge because I can subscribe to blogs and journals, then glance over large amounts of information whenever I have extra time. I can get Kindle books, write down sudden brainstorms. You name it. I’ve pounded out one of my best chapters on an iPad, while siting in a photography lecture.

Bottom line is this. Make a plan. Whether it’s an iPad, and MP3 player or a three ring binder. Get a plan to always have your favorite resources available so that when the knowledge craving comes, you’re ready to eat. I’ll have many more to share in the future, but for today here’s a few favorite resources I’ve found. Share your favorites in the comments. Happy learning… Gav


Writing Fiction for Dummies – The reviews say it best, but this is a solid learning tool. Even if you’re more experienced, reviewing essentials and the many tips in this one will keep you on top of things. It’s also available in Print or Kindle form.

The Elements of Style – Very few of us like reading grammar books. Holly this one is short and powerful. If you want to write better, then read it. It’s really that simple. For those like me that are on the run, there’s even and Audible version.

Techniques of the Selling Writer –  One of the best reviewed books you’ll find on the topic. From writing to selling.


Advanced Fiction Writing – A good blog ran by one of the guys that Brought you Fiction for Dummies.

Story Fix – Larry brooks is a fun guy and has loads of knowledge. This active blog will keep you thinking and take you from writing better prose, to marketing essentials for your work.

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