Writers Couch Is Here.

This project has been in the works for awhile now, but life if busy and it’s taken more than a while to get it rolling. I’m Gavin Seim and Writers Couch is a writers journal and a short podcast. This is a place by writers for writers. I’m starting the project, but at will be headed by by brother Nathan who is my writing partner for four starting books that we have in progress.

Writers couch is about getting us thinking as writers and having a bit of fun in the process. It’s a place to look at writing, marketing and the sometimes crazy things we go thru as writers. It’s informal, so we’ll be having fun and sharing experiences. In the future we have have guests writers post content as well.

This is a work in progress. I’m an experienced podcaster and writer in the photography world that is my day job. I plan to bring that experience of sharing to Writers Couch as well. It may take a little time to refine it all, so stay tune as Nathan and I will get things rolling around here like setting up the podcast on iTunes and starting the conversation.

Finally if you’re interested in checking out the otherĀ  projects I have going (mainly photo related) you can visit my website…. Gavin

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